Edgar and Irene Wood founded Wood Care Centers, Inc. in 1969. Starting with the purchase of an 80-bed nursing home in Iowa Park, Texas, the Wood Family built the largest privately held group of nursing facilities in Texas.


During the 1970’s Wood Care Centers, now The Wood Group, Ltd, operated 11 nursing homes with a capacity of more than 1200 beds and a work force of over 1100 people. As the company diversified a decision was made to sell all but six of the nursing centers. The six facilities that were retained had a bed capacity of 544 with over 200 employees. The Wood Family operated these facilities until 1993, at which time they were leased to other operators and eventually sold. Members of the Wood Family were active in the operations of the nursing homes from the inception. Both Edgar and Irene Wood and their son Mike were licensed nursing home administrators and operated various facilities in the company.


Edgar and Irene Wood are deceased and their son, Mike Wood, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Wood Group, Ltd. In the 1980’s Wood Care Centers, began offering Mental Health Services to the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. In 1980, Dr. Frankie Williams, Superintendent of Vernon State Hospital, requested Wood Care Centers open a facility for mental health clients in the Vernon area. In December of 1983, Wood Care Centers began their MHMR operations with a 60-bed personal care facility in Quanah, Texas. In 1987, Wood Care Centers hired Jerry Parker to direct and develop the MHMR division of Wood Care Centers, Inc. Under his direction the company expanded its MHMR services to include most of the state of Texas with services ranging from residential group homes and crisis respite centers, to rehabilitative services for the mentally ill.During the late 1980’s Wood Care Centers operated the 60-bed Quanah facility, a 32-bed facility in Canyon, and several other locations of various sizes in Northern Texas.

In 1989 Mark Bruce was added to the Wood Care Centers’ staff as financial controller and today Mr. Parker and Mr. Bruce work together to provide the finest services available. During the 1990’s Wood Care Centers continued expanding, moving into Southern and Western Texas. In December of 1999 we became the primary residential provider for The Center for Health Care Services in San Antonio, Texas. In 2004 we expanded into the El Paso area. With the expansion into El Paso, our company now provides behavioral health services from Brownsville in the far south to Wichita Falls in the north to El Paso in the far west. We provide a wide variety of services to the behavioral health community and continue to expand those services.The Wood Group is continually evolving to remain current with the changing needs of Texas residents. A good example of our ever changing programs is our original 60 bed Quanah facility is now a sixteen bed treatment training center, providing services to consumers in North Texas. As the mental health industry changes, we continue to change with it. The Wood Group continues to be committed to the expansion of current programs and development of new innovative programs to serve the people of Texas.