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The Wood Group is pleased to introduce our college level internship program for persons who are earning their degree in a Behavioral Science field.  Our internship program allows students to obtain first hand knowledge while working with persons with mental illness.  Statistics show that a person who earned a four-year college degree and has completed an internship program is more likely to get a job four months sooner than someone with no internship experience.


The Wood Group Internship Program offers a rare first-hand look at the process of recovery in a crisis setting.  Students will have an opportunity to observe the client admission process and crisis assessments done by behavioral health crisis staff.  Students will be able to interact with clients and have an opportunity to play a role in the client's recovery in a practical setting.


Many students who are studying psychology, sociology, social work, and criminal justice have never dealt with people with mental illness.  Students who participate in this program at the undergraduate level will see first hand what they have learned in their textbooks and will learn how to differentiate psychiatric disorders.  Students will also work closely with staff in the direct care of the clients during their stay in the facility.  Interns will learn to write progress notes, perform rounds, take reports, and even become certified to perform basic first aid and CPR.


The Wood Group Internship Program will help develop the skills and give needed experience for aspiring professionals in the Behavioral Science fields.


If you are interested in the Internship Program, please contact:


Stacy Henderson, Chief Operations Officer

The Wood Group 
3610 Barnett Road
Wichita Falls, Texas 76310



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