October 2022

Self Care Ideas

Self Care Ideas

Taking care of your mental health is a daily task! Sometimes all we need to not feel overwhelmed to do take care of our own needs for just 10 minutes.

Here are some self care ideas that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Go on a walk
  • Sometimes a bit of fresh air and moving our bodies is just what we need to clear our heads!
Take a bath
  • A relaxing bath can help your stress levels.
10 minutes of yoga or mediation
  • Follow along with a YouTube video of either yoga or mediation can really help you start or end your day on a great note!
Write a gratitude list
  • Sometimes remembering what we are thankful for can calm our minds for a moment.
Send a handwritten note to a friend
  • Break out a pad of paper and say thank you to that friend who always checks on you.
Buy or tend to a plant
  • Plants have so many amazing benefits! Breathe easier and look forward to seeing your plant grow.
Watch your comfort show
  • We all have that one show that just makes us smile and feel better! Turn it on and tune out the noise.

Taking a few moments for yourself every day can have a huge impact on your mental health. One small act a day can really set you up for success!